Friday, 2 March 2012

Folksy Front Page - What did it mean?

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have an item of ours selected to be on the front page of Folksy, as part of the Leaving on a Jet Plane theme. 

But after seeing a lot of comments in the forums that being on the front page hadn't brought other sellers any sales we thought that we would share what being on the front page meant for us.

Firstly, we were lucky enough to sell the featured item, which we are really delighted about as it was on its second listing cycle having not sold first time around. It didn't lead to any further sales but it did give some interesting google analytics results...

We had 89 shop visits that day, our best ever. The next best day we had during February was 31 visits, so that's a dramatic difference between the two. On average we had just 12 shop visits a day during the month, so again being on the front page has boosted visits.

Throughout the course of the month we had 119 unique visitors, 88 of which came on the day we were on the front page. Nearly half of all visitors who viewed the cushion on the front then clicked through into other areas of the shop.

So in short, while being on the front page might not always mean lots of sales it does prove to be a great way of getting more (and importantly new) visitors to your shop. It's a great way of free advertising.

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  1. That's a very interesting analysis... thanks for posting! And well done on selling the item!

    Emma X